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  • As a top ten stager in the nation, we’re experts at getting you the best results for your investment.
  • Every stager on our team is a certified interior designer, because we believe that gives your home a better advantage.
  • Because we specialize in staging luxury and historic properties, your home will be staged to attract top-paying home buyers.
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customer care

You’ll be treated thoughtfully and respectfully.

We believe your staging experience should be handled with care. We’ve got quick scheduling down to an art, communication so clear it sparkles, and site visits on the house. From setting up to packing down, we’re here to make it all a breeze for you, and set up your home to intrigue and allure buyers at first glance. 

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deep knowledge

Our market research will make your home competitive.

To us, staging your home to get the best possible results transcends mere furniture arrangement. Following meticulous research, our designers tailor a bespoke staging strategy that not only resonates with your target audience but also harmonizes with your home’s architecture. The result? A deep, emotional bond with potential buyers, ensuring your property leaves an unforgettable, positive impact.

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save even more

You’ll be positioned for faster sales and more profits.

Our goal is to literally put your home in a position where it looks so good, buyers can’t but help wanting it. You can literally sit back while we focus on turning your property into a buyer’s dream, leading to a swift sale at an impressive price. No more watching the days tick by while costs mount up—mortgage, insurance, lawn care, and all. With our exceptional staging, your home shines, attracting buyers quickly and saving you from the financial drain of a long wait. 

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huge inventory

Our exceptional inventory will set your home apart.

Our expansive inventory includes a broad spectrum of high-quality and fresh styles. We stay ahead of the curve, frequenting furniture trade shows to spot upcoming trends and carefully select pieces to expand our luxury and historic collection. This allows your home’s staging design to be meticulously curated from fresh, new pieces, ensuring your space stands out and impresses home buyers who are looking for an exceptional property to call their own.

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quality furnishings

Every space will look captivating & functional.

We purposely use fully functional, high-quality furnishings. Every single space will demonstrate a wonderfully alluring use of space that makes the home realistic and gives your buyers peace of mind.

  • Elegant full scale sofas, credenzas, and chairs
  • Beautiful, maximum-sized dining tables & plenty of chairs
  • Plush king beds in the primary suite if spaces allows
  • Luxurious full-size rugs to help define spaces
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best in the industry

Our certified designers give you a competitive edge.

Every stager on our team is a visual merchandiser, certified interior designer, and also a home-selling strategist. With their blend of professionalism, industry insight, and creative flair, they transform your home into a buyer magnet. Skilled in space optimization, color mastery, and cutting-edge design trends, we only hire certified designers to ensure your home stands out, maximizing appeal and market value.

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don't say goodbye

you can buy anything you love.

Get the best of both worlds with our furnishing service: every piece we place in your home can be purchased, offering you complete flexibility. Buyers can purchase staging items either by the room or the entire house.

Homes Staged Prior To Going On The Market Sell Approx 100-300% FASTER Than Unstaged Properties

$10 Million


More than
2064 homes

Staged & sold

Over 2 Million

sq ft staged to perfection


to questions

Home staging is about making your home appeal to the widest range of buyers possible while decorating focuses on one person’s personal taste.

Studies show that home staging helps homes sell faster and for more money than non-staged homes. In the competitive housing market of today, home staging is one of the best marketing strategies at your disposal.

This is an easy one! Choosing the right stager is really up to your main goals. If you are looking to just put furniture in an area to fill the space, or budget is your primary concern… then you would want to go with a cheaper stager. But if you are looking to WOW your potential buyers, create a wide gap between you and your real estate competition, and look to facilitate a fast and maximum profit sale achieving the best results at the closing table… then you would want to go with Step by Stage Interiors.

We are a premiere staging service. We charge the way we do mainly because of our verifiable turnaround time, quality of service, experience, expertise, quality on-trend inventory and most importantly our unparalleled customer experience. No other staging company on the market right now is able to do what we do as fast, efficiently, and with the same level of expertise as Step by Stage Interiors.

Between 1 – 3 days (depending on existing schedule)


  • Initial consultation on Monday
  • Designing and pulling items on Tuesday
  • Staging the home on Wednesday

We own 100% of our inventory to ensure we have everything you need to properly stage your property vs. relying on a furniture rental company and what’s available from them.

The pricing of our staging varies. The key factor that is considered is the overall size of the home. This is key mainly because of what could be needed to cover the space and how many rooms are desired by the client.

Typically, the homeowner is the one that signs the contract and is the one to pay for the staging.

When it comes to individual input, we find it’s not in our client’s best interest to accommodate design input. Our designers have many years of experience with home design and staging, allowing them to make objective and accurate depictions of what is needed for each individual space. This expertise is derived from understanding what potential buyers would like to see.

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